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Fallout by Sandra Glover

Fallout by Sandra Glover. Pub. Anderson Press Ltd, 2011.

“According to Lucy, Shane reckons he went back to Hannah’s on Saturday night and had sex with her”, one of the lads announced, “and now Hannah’s like making out that he raped her”. This quotation from the book sums up what this novel is all about.

Shane used to go out with Hannah but she dumped him and now he goes out with Lucy. Hannah picked up with an older bad boy, Zak, but he was dumped too but still hankers after her. In the background is the stunningly attractive Eden who has a mystery boyfriend but dabbles in intrigue of her own.

Add a gaggle of school friends and  a party that went horribly wrong, and you have a novel that explores the volatility of teenage relationships in this electronic world where information and rumour can spread like wild fire.

The book opens five years after the above events with Hannah now at University when a chance meeting opens up all the old wounds.

The past always catches up with you and when it does you have to deal with it. For every action there is a consequence and Sandra Glover has done it well. A very believable novel with an authentic teenage voice.

Short chapters  and a rapidly changing plot make this a very readible novel for high school students.

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