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To Die For by Mark Svendsen

To Die For by Mark Svendsen. Pub. Random House, 2011.

I was attracted to this book because it is a fishing story and it had a shark on the cover so I sensed drama and excitement, and that is exactly what I got.

Christos lives in Queensland Australia, he is a teenager who likes fishing at sea. His father is a fisherman and full of advice for his son, and his other male relatives are also fishermen. It is Christos’ birthday and for the first time he is allowed to go to sea by himself to fish in his  boat  Li’l Bit.

With his father’s advice ringing in his ears and his mother’s lunch tucked in the chillie bin he sets off on a foggy morning to conquor his fears and doubts about his ability as a fisherman. Boy do things go wrong and that memorable catch phrase from the film Jaws “we need a bigger boat” proves prophetically true.

At first minor things go wrong but Christo handles it. Then he hooks a huge mackerel that leads to a more extreme event. Reeling in the huge mackerel saps Christo’s  energy and he cannot lift the fish out of the water. Just as he solves this problem a huge aggressive tiger shark rips a third of the fish literally from under his nose, and hangs around for the rest.

The conflict between boy and shark is thrilling and you will not want to put this novel down. Read it you will love it, especially you people who love fishing. But remember it is a cod-eat- cod world under the sea and blood is slipperier than water.

Intermediate and secondary school students will love it

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