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Take Me to the River by Will Hobbs

Take me to the River by Will Hobbs. Pub. HarperCollins, 2011.

“If you find a scorpion on your face do not grab it. Flick it. They can sting you real quick”.  Will Hobbs is a master at writing outdoor adventure novels for young readers and this is another.

The novel is set on the Texas/mexican border in an area known as  Big Bend National Park. Through it flows the mighty Rio Grande river although if you saw it when it is not in flood you would think it is just a dirty old creek.

The area is also well known for battles between drug lords trying to smuggle heroin and cocaine into USA and for people smuggling illegal immigrants into USA.

Cousins Rio and Dylan, without their parents knowledge, take a river journey in a canoe and a rubber raft along the Rio Grande and two things happen. Firstly Hurricane Dolly hits the Texas coast at Brownsville and the storm fills the catchment area of the Rio Grande turning it into a raging torrent. Secondly drug lords have carried out a hit job on some Judges who are presiding over drug trials. Things go wrong and after a gun battle a nasty brute called Carlos kidnaps a young boy, Diego and they meet Rio and Dylan on the raging Rio Grande.

High drama adventure begins with Will Hobbs telling it like it is.

Written for Intermediate and High school students you will not get better outdoor adventure than this. Another Will Hobbs novel Jason’s Gold appears on this blog. Check Will Hobbs out he is very good.

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