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Sea-Wrecked Stranger trilogy part 3 Finder’s Shore by Anna Mackenzie

Finder’s Shore by Anna Mackenzie. Pub. Longacre Book published by Random House, 2011.

At last the final part of The Sea-Wrecked Stranger trilogy has arrived and I read it in one sitting.

In the first part Ness leaves the island of Dunnett with a stranger she saved from the sea. Dunnett is a xenophobic island that rejects technology after a holocaust has poisoned the sea and left the rest of the world in survival mode.

Part 2 or Ebony Hill has Ness coming to terms with the capital city Vidya and the farms that feed the city called Ebony Hill. This establishment is attacked by military Paras but they survive. Ness also meets a young man Ronan and there is heat between them.

In part 3 I wanted to see Ronan and Ness get together, I wanted the Para situation to be resolved and I wanted to know how things were on the island of Dunnett particularly the fate of Ness’s sister Sophie and her brother Ty.

To tell you if all this happens would ruin it for you so I will say much of this happens and Anna Mackenzie skillfully allows the reader to fill in the gaps. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel but there is too much to resolve in one book or indeed in one life time.

I enjoy Anna Mackenie’s writing and she does not let her readers down with this conclusive novel. Her language is outstanding and conversation between the characters is as you would want. There is action aplenty and a nasty villain  Colm Brewster to loathe and fear.

Essentially for High school students and an essential purchase for high school libraries.

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