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The Last Summoner by Sherryl Jordan

The Last Summoner by Sherryl Jordan. Pub.  Scholastic, 2011.

“A story is like an onion: the more you peel off, the more there is underneath” When you peel all the layers off you come to the core and that core is the reader, it is you. This is Sherryl Jordan’s philosophy in this novel for children and she does it brilliantly.

This is a story of dragons, the heart of much fantasy writing, and if you believe in dragons then the child still lurks within you and you are richer for it.

Dragons have been enslaved by a curse which binds them forever to the will of the Summoner and to residing in Bodenroth Swamp. The dragons have been used to fight wars and their lives are miserable. Will they be released from the curse?

Into the story comes Poppy Loddo, the last summoner who is blind. He hasn’t a living son to pass the secrets of the summoner on to, but he does have a grand daughter, Ari, who dreams of the dragons and instinctively knows the song that can summon them from the swamp. Will she get the chance? A mirror made of moon dust may hold the key.

Another war is threatening and the dragons  need to be summoned. This precipitates an outstanding adventure fantasy that will melt your heart and kick start that inner kid that we all have in us. Essentially it is for primary and intermediate school children but go on give it a crack, you will love it.

Read it aloud to your children, this is a beauty.

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