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Act of Faith by Kelly Gardiner

Act of Faith by kelly Gardiner. Pub. HarperCollins, 2011.

Isabella lives with her scholarly father in England that is torn apart by the conflict between Oliver Cromwell and Charles 1. They flee England for Amsterdam as freedom of speech is suppressed and her father is arrested.

When Isabella’s father is drowned at sea she is taken in as an assistant by a Jewish printer and uses her academic and language skills at a time of deep suspicion about the printed word. Books are powerful but if they report information or ideas that conflict with the Catholic Church then torture, trial, imprisonment and even death may result.

Isabella and her master De Aquila journey across Europe to Venice where freedoms are protected and new ideas are published. de Aquila is abducted by the Inquisition and a chase across the sea to Spain results in thrilling action.

A great portrayal of the dark days in Europe under the Puritans and the Spanish Inquisition. Isabela is a great role model of a young woman who can challenge the men at a time when new ideas and philosophies were under strong threat.

Lofty writing and a superb historical novel from Australian writer Kelly Gardiner. Will appeal to Secondary school students.

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