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Northwood by Brian Falkner

Northwood by Brian Falkner. Pub. Walker Books, 2011.

A delightful story this, for primary school children who like adventure fantasy stories with a bit of a mystery.

Cecilia Undergarment is a special girl although she doesn’t understand why. She has a  skill that allows her to understand and talk to animals. She never knew her mother and she grew up in a huge house that looked like a number of balloons had been thrown together.

Cecilia Undergarment has a strange and mean neighbour. He was a friendly overweight grocer until he decided to expand his business and build a supermarket. His wife disappeared and he became thin and mean. He owns a dog called Rocky, that he neglects and this brings him in conflict with Cecilia Undergarment.

Cecilia rescues Rocky, a chase ensues in a balloon that crash lands in Northwood forest. The forest is a dark and mist covered. No-one who has entered has come out and there is a rumour that vicious black lions roam the forest. Is this true? What will become of Cecilia Undergarment and Rocky? Read it and find out.

Excellent story from one of New Zealand’s best childrens writers. Brian Falkner visits many schools and he clearly knows the type of story that will appeal to this audience. And what’s more you do not need to know how to spell rhododendron to enjoy this novel.

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