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Mortal Engines series: Scrivener’s Moon by Philip Reeve

Scrivener’s Moon by Philip Reeve. Pub. Scholastic, 2011.

This is about the seventh in the series that started so long ago with one of the best sciFi fantasy classics Mortal Engines. If you are a follower of this series then I need tell you no more but if you are new to the series and want something unique then read on.

The world of Mortal Engines is one in which the great cities of Europe are mobile. They roll around the the world seeking resources and power to keep going at the expense of smaller cities and towns. The North Sea has dried up and the Ice caps are extending. It is a world of weird creatures and contraptions and a world of almost constant war. New weapons come and go and the cities keep rolling.

London has been taken over by The Movement and Quercus is the top banana. He is rebuilding London and is ready for another push. Dr Crumb is chief Engineer and designer, with his wife Wavey Godshawk, a veteran of old campaigns, and their daughter Fever.

The chief enemy of London is the city of Arkhangelsk which hunts in the North where volcanic activity, harsh climatic conditions and dwindling resources are forcing urgent action. A new weapon may change things?

Mammoth hunters and a variety of  creatures increase the fascination of this new novel. If you haven’t read any of them get into it. You can read this on it’s own but it helps to know the history.

Philip Reeves is a first class story teller in this novel aimed for good Intermediate school readers through to High school.

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