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Pony Club Secrets bk 12 Nightstorm and the Grand Slam by Stacy Gregg

Nightstorm and the Grand Slam by Stacy Gregg. Pub. HarperCollins, 2011.

Seventeen year old Isadora Brown, known as Issie, wins the Kentucky four Star 3 day event on a wild horse called Nightstorm or Storm, from nowhere. Who is this girl? and where did she get that horse?

Two weeks later after Storm has given her a great start in the dressage at the Badminton Horse Trials, the great horse comes down with colic. Issie has entered two horses and competes on an Australian horse called Victory and wins. The glamorous, competitive and bitchy world of Eventing is disturbed.

When Victory is sold to a bankrupt rotter from New Zealand and given to his bitchy daughter Natasha who has the attitude of a viper and a Premier League football player as a boyfriend. The gloves are off and the handbags out.

All eyes are on the final Grand Slam Event, The Burghley Horse trials. Thrilling stuff.

All the horse talk, all the information on these great equestrian events and all the personnal drama.

I read this as many girls love horse stories. I had never read one from this series so I entertained myself. Are they any good? They will not win any literary prizes but they are well written are informative, formulaic certainly but good stuff. I would have them in my library.

Go get this one girls. Suitable intermediate junior high school level.

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