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Bloodlines: A time for War by M. Zachary Sherman

A Time for War by M. Zachary Sherman. Illus. Fritz  Casas. Pub. Stone Arch Books, 2011.

This is one of four stories about different wars involving the Donovan family. This family does not exist but the stories are based on real experience.

In this story Mike Donovan is a Parachute Infantryman in Dog Company who are charged with going before the main D Day Landing to secure the French town of  Carentan. He is blown off course and lands near a German patrol with guns and ammunition. He has to hide out.

His actions disappoint him and he thinks he maybe is a coward. Later when he rejoins his platoon he has cause to redeem himself.

Simple story about a real battle and things that happen to soldiers in battle.

Between the action there are Debriefing sections about the history of World War 2, and the weapons and equipment used by both sides.

Pages inbetween the story depict the action in classic graphic novel style by Fritz Casas and coloured by Marlon Ilagan.

Has strong visual appeal for reluctant boy readers with easy dialogue.

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