Right Now Books

Fight by Dee Phillips. Pub. Ruby Tuesday Books, 2009.

A new British series for low ability readers that will keep their interest and not insult their intelligence.

In Fight Ben has his cell phone stolen and suspects Kris. His friends back him up. As the week passes relationships between the two groups of boys gets worse. They arm themselves with knives and a fight is inevitable.

Easy dialogue, short sentences, great photographs and perceptive social nous make this ideal for struggling readers of high school and intermediate level.






Grind by Dee Phillips. Pub. Ruby Tuesday Books, 2009.

Sophie is a skateboarder and she is good.  She moves to another town as her mother is to be married to a good man. Sophie wants the relationship to work but she doesn’t relish meeting her new stepbrother who is older than her.

The new town has nowhere to Skate and she attempts a grind on a rail outside the library. Disaster happens but then an encounter with an older boy helps change her mind about things.

Both these titles have low vocabulary but high interest for teenage readers who are struggling.

I would have them in the school library if I was in charge. They are excellent.

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