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Juno series Part 3: Heart of Danger by Fleur Beale

Heart of Danger by Fleur Beale. Pub. Random House, 2011.

This was not the story I was expecting to read, but as it ended I realised why Fleur Beale had written this way –  it is not the end of the story of Taris and Juno.

In part 1 the covered island community of 500 souls is described and analysed as Juno and the younger generation start to question the way things are done on Taris. Juno starts the questioning and her friend Vima finds the evidence that tips the community over. Part 2 describes the escape from Taris to the xenophobic Aotearoa and the Tarian’s fight to establish themselves in their new homeland.

This part exposes those resonsible for the pandemic that threatened the Tarians stay in Aotearoa. The spotlight is on Juno’s young sister Hera who has the power of prediction, and Juno who is able to communicate using thought control. Where did they get these skills?

Like all immigrants anywhere, the  Tarian’s need to change and adapt to the new country while retaining their own identity. For Juno there are lessons in love and relationships  as she falls in love with a local lad, Ivor, who has a different set of values to Juno.

Fleur Beale also keeps you interested by revealing more  the history of Taris and those responsible for it’s creation, but she doesn’t give you it all.

A new character, Nash, is introduced and the novel ends with a prediction as Fleur Beale sets up a fourth part to this great series.

Intermediate and secondary students will love this but it pays to read the whole series.

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