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The Fly Papers Part 1: The Flytrap Snaps by Johanna Knox

The Fly Trap Snaps by Johanna Knox Illus. Sabrina Malcolm. Pub. Hinterland Press, 2011.

This first novel for author Johanna Knox aimed at Primary school children is totally bizaare but very appealing.

Imagine buying a venus flytrap only to find that it is called Dion, can talk and wants to become a Hollywood actor.

This is what happens to Spencer Fogle just as his father and mother face the biggest catastrophe in their lives. Will Spencer be able to tell them? and can Dion be used to help solve the crisis?

Well it is not all as simple as that. Dion the talking venus flytrap has been geneticallycreated to star in horror movies by scientist Bette Noir who is supported financially by a pint sized boy wonder thug called Jimmy Jangle. Not a nice chap is Jimmy Jangle who is backed up by two female thugs called Sybil and Cassandra who provide the dumb and dumber element to this novel.

Add a beautiful film star, Eulalia, and you have an adventure/mystery/sci/fi fantasy that will have wide appeal with children.

What’s more it is part 1 of a trilogy, and I hope it does well.

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