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CHERUB2. Book 1. Peoples Republic by Robert Muchamore

Peoples Republic by Robert Muchamore. Pub. Hodder Children’s Books, 2011.

Robert Muchamore is simply the best writer of action novels for Intermediate to Junior High students that there is. The twelve novels in the CHERUB series captured a loyal following not only of boys but girls as well.

The CHERUB organisation employs children usually orphans whom they educate to be spies on the premise that children can go unseen where adults cannot. This makes them very useful agents and very useful they are.

CHERUB2 has a new series of characters and this opening novel introduces them in a realistic actio novel about smuggling people particularly young girls, from Eastern Europe and the East into Britain and other European countries.

Links are made to a Russian Mafia group run by the Aramov family who are based in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and deal in drugs, arms and people smuggling and a tough ruthless bunch they are.

Ryan is the twelve year old CHERUB agent who is new to everything but has to learn fast. Ethan the son of the sister in the Aramov family, is Ryan’s target. He must get to know this chess playing aloof boy and milk him for information.

The girl hero is eleven year old kick boxer Ning, whose father is a dubious Chinese business man. When Ning’s father is arrested Ning and her scouse mother flee to Kyrygzstan and Ning enters the people smuggling process with all it’s sinister characters and situations.

A great start to a new series.

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