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Stay With Me by Paul Griffin

Stay With Me by Paul Griffin. Pub.Text Publishing Melbourne, 2011.

Fifteen year old Cece, pronounced Cheechee, meets Mack while working in a restaurant. There is electricity between them and they start a relationship that lasts 102 days.

The relationship develops slowly and awkwardly, but when together at a party the girls start giving Cece that “you bitch look” it is time to take the relationship further.

It is a beautiful young love relationship with Cece and Mack talking of living together for ever. They share their most intimate thoughts and you want them to stay together, but you know from the beginning that they will not.

Mack has a past and he confides to Cece that he is scared of doing something bad. When a nutter kills his beautiful dog,  Boo, Mack explodes and the relationship with Cece is blown out of the water.

Superbly written in quick one-line sentences, this novel will get you involved like no other. Consecutive chapters are narrated firstly by Mack then by Cece so that you get both sides of the story.

It is hard-nosed and sentimental but you wouldn’t want it any other way. The ending will bring a tear to your eye.

Definitely for high school students and young adults.

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