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Nest of Lies by Heather McQuillan

Nest of Lies by Heather McQuillan. Pub. Scholastic, 2011.

Ashlee lives in a world that is almost destroyed by pollution, seismic adjustments and plague. Birds are blamed for the plague and everybody is terrified of them.

A controlling retrogressive group called the Citadel has taken over, and they believe that it is better that people are all of one thought as then there is no dissent. How wrong they are.¬† Ashlee who is a Cinderella character begins to doubt when she sees a bird nesting on some eggs near her home. When she is caught with the eggs by an ugly stepsister and labeled a witch she sets out into a world she didn’t know existed.

This is a world of resistance. A world where Eggheads (scientists) and conservationists plot the downfall of the citadel who are not only poisoning minds but the environment as well.

The action takes place in a location that is remarkably like Christchurch and Banks Peninsula and there is talk of a toppled cathedral. There is tension throughout the novel and the ending is action packed and ultimately hopeful. So it should be. Good should always triumph over evil.

Will appeal to primary intermediate age group but there is something there for high school students too.

Set in

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