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George and the Big bang by Lucy & Stephen Hawking

George and the Big Bang by Lucy & Stephen Hawking. Pub.  Random House, 2011.

They say that the answer to getting children to read is to match the child with the right book. This is such a book. It is the right book for the child that is really into science especially how the world and universe were formed.

Annie’s father Eric is head of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, an ambitious experiment that is trying to recreate the seconds after the Big bang took place. Eric possesses a powerful computer called Cosmos that has a time portal that can transport you anywhere in the Universe.

George is Annie and Eric’s neighbour and they discover that a sinister group is trying to discredit the Hadron Collider experiment by saying that it will destroy the Universe.

Annie and George have travelled in time before in the two previous books by Lucy Hawking but this time it is very serious. Their old enemy, Dr Reeper needs their help and says he is now a good guy, but is he?

Great adventure in space, simply told with language that is easily understood. There is a short essay from Stephen Hawking explaining the Big Bang theory and the Creation of the Universe, and easy explanations of Newton’s Laws of Gravity and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Even I understood it.

In between the story  are brilliant pictures of the Earth, Sun, Moon and galaxies far far away. Absolutely outstanding for that special person of any age that loves Cosmology.

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