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Skulduggery Pleasant Book 6: Death Bringer by Derek Landy

Death Bringer by Derek Landy. Pub HarperCollins, 2011.

If you are a fan of Skulduggery Pleasant, that dapper bag of bones who can shoot fire from his hands, can fly, and has a wit and chat that will slay you, then this is the book for you.

As always it is total insanity in which the world is once again threatened with apocalypse and it is down to Stephanie Edgeley, now 16 years, and Skulduggery to sort it out. This time there is a Death Bringer, whose rise was foretold, and everybody thought was going to be Stephanie, now known as Valkyrie, but it’s not. It is a bitch of a girl called Melancholia an obsessive, needy creature who you will hate.

Death Bringer’s role is to initiate The Passage, that will ultimately save the World, but from What? This time there is a powerful baddy called Darquesse to put a spanner in the works,  the Faceless Ones are about, as  are the Necromancers, the Jitter Girls(my favourite), the Warlocks and a host of vampires and assorted mayhem. Where is Tanith Lowe?

It is exciting, action packed and profoundly witty. The dialogue is masterful. For the fan this is a 600 page treat but if you are a new reader, the essential history is fed to you throughout the story and you will have no problem following it. Get into it you will love it.

From School years 5/6 through to year 10 high school students. Very wide appeal.


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