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Yes by Deborah Burnside

Yes by Deborah Burnside. Pub HarperCollins, 2011.

Teenagers Marty and Luke are friends. Marty has a slight autistic condition and Luke has an artificial leg below his left knee. They need each other and they play “talk like a pirate” all the time.

There is a great deal of humour in this novel.

With school mates Francesca, who Marty is dead keen to get his hands on, Emily who Luke is dead keen to do likewise and the bolschy Aroha, they enter a Young Enterprise Scheme to set up a new business. They know nothing about business they think you just dream up a good idea and make shitloads of money. How wrong could they be?

Throw in some Father/son conflict, a mother travelling overseas, a sister expecting twins and a host of teenage issues including drugs and you have a very appealing novel.

Marty narrates this novel in almost “stream of conciousness technique” as his mind wanders all over the place, but you never lose track of the plot. The book is really about Marty and his condition which is only mentioned towards the end of the book, but you can work it out. He thinks he is a “clumsy dumb-ass’ but events are to prove him wrong.

Loved this story for teenagers. A totally different style from Deborah Burnside’s previous books On a Good Day and Night Hunting.

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