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Ruby Redfort: Look into My Eyes by Lauren Child

Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child. Pub. HarperCollins, 2011.

Ruby Redfort is a smart cookie, in fact she is every smart cookie’s smart cookie. Smarter than the average bear you might say, and you would be right. Got the picture?

Ruby is constantly bored, she needs a challenge and she gets one. Her passion in life is solving mysteries especially those that are in code. She notices detail and has a logical mind. One day she gets a mysterious phone call that is in code. When she solves this code she is hired by a mysterious group called Spectrum who ask her to analyse a file that a previous agent was working on before she was killed in an avalanche. What a way to go!

Meanwhile Ruby’s parents are obsessed with a jade art object that is coming to town, their house is completely stripped in a burglery, the house keeper kidnapped, and a new house manager (butler) called Hitch is hired. How are all these things connected? Well Ruby has to work it all out and she does.

Short chapters, snappy & wiity dialogue and Ruby’s home spun philosophy make this mystery novel a treat to read for primary and intermediate students. The character of Ruby originally appeared in Lauren Child’s novels about Clarice Bean and this looks like it will be a series too.

I will leave you with with some words that appear on one of Ruby’s T-shirts. “some days stink!” but not today.

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