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Recon Team Angel: Assault by Brian Falkner

Recon Team Angel: Assault by Brian Falkner. Pub. Walker Books, 2011.

This latest novel from New Zealand writer Brian Falkner is action/war at it’s brilliant best. Nobody in New Zealand has written a novel like this. I was smitten from the first page and what is so good is that it is just the first book in the series.

Earth has been invaded by Bzadians. They first landed in Australia, took the place over peacefully with our consent then used it as a launch pad to take over the Earth and eliminate human beings. They did quite well taking Asia, Africa and Europe using the land bridge but then came unstuck when they struck the oceans.

Now human resistance has centred on North and South America and New Zealand. The Bzadians didn’t want us, perhaps we have a bigger part to play in other books but not in this one.

Humans have detected some strange activity in Ayers Rock, Uluru, and send a six member team into Australia to investigate. Bzadians are only 1% different from humans but then so are chimpanzees, but they are technologically advanced on humans. They call humans Scumbugz and we call them Pukes.

The Recon tean that goes in are made to look like Bzadians. They are short, have elongated heads, forked tongues and talk with a lisp. The human team are teenagers of short stature but ruthlessly trained. What they find and how they go about their task is incredible.

Totally believable, and only 30 years away. Snappy dialogue, total action and dry humour make this a brilliant read for students from Intermediate to senior secondary. Once you start you will not put it down. Teachers notes are available from the publisher.

The best action writing of the year and a sure finalist in next years book awards.

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