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The Half Life of Ryan Davis by Melinda Szymanik

November 14, 2011

The Half Life of Ryan Davis by Melinda Szymanik. Pub. Pear Jam Books, 2011.

Mallory Davis goes missing when she is 15 years old and leaves her family in turmoil. Is she still alive?

Three years later Ryan, who narrates this book, is now 15 years old and his sister Gemma is 13 years. They live with their mother who worships her missing daughters memory and holds her up as a paragon to poor Ryan and Gemma. They don’t stand a chance.

The police are still on the case and report that Mallory’s cell phone has been used. Ryan notices a strange car is following him. Is it all over?

When Ryan is found  en flagrante with his girlfriend Kim and Gemma becomes interested in Ryan’s mate Alex all hell breaks loose.

A disturbing story but compelling reading. Tightly told in short chapters which capture the teenage voice very well. Almost a detective/mystery novel but has more depth than that.

Will have great appeal to teenage readers.

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