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The Magnificent 12 Book 2: The Trap by Michael Grant

November 19, 2011

The Magnificent 12 Book 2 The Trap by Michael Grant. Pub. HarperCollins, 2012.

This sequal was a joy to read because of Michael Grant’s sharp wit, cynical sense of humour and fast moving plot. Justin Beiber takes a right kicking near the end of the novel in some wonderfully satirical writing.

In book 1 we learn that the evil Pale Queen has been imprisoned for 3000 years by the initial Magnificient 12 or Magnifica who have the “enlightened puissance” and can speak the magical language of vargran.

Now there are only 36 days until she is released.

Mack MacAvoy a twelve year old boy has discovered he is one of the new Magnificent 12 who will have to stop the Pale Queen once she has been released. His task is to find the other 11.

In book 1 with bully boy Stefan he located Aboriginal girl Jarrah also 12(all the Magnificent 12 are of this age). They head to China pursued by all sorts of nasties and find the dragon girl Xiao. Then they leave for Germany but what or whom will they find there.

You will have to read the rest to find out but you will have no difficulty doing that. It is gripping.

In between the search for the new Magnifica there is the story of bad boy Paddy “nine iron” Trout who they will encounter. It is a hugely funny satire of the Mafia gangsters and how Trout gets the name Nine Iron is superb.

Take it from me this is a cracker for primary intermediate and junior high school students.

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