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Legend by Marie Lu

January 9, 2012

Legend by Marie Lu. Pub. Razor Bill Penguin, 2011.

This was a brilliant action book to read with appealing characters and a believable plot.

A future  America  which has been divided into two parts, The Republic of America in the west and the Colonies in the east and they are engaged in a long war. Flooding on a global scale has occurred and the society that exists in the Republic  is a very dour one indeed ruled by a ruthless military dictator.

Plague has decimated the population with the elite living very privileged lives, the rest grovel for what they can get in survival mode.

There are two major characters, Day a teenage boy, who is very intelligent and has superior fighting and climbing skills. He is a one boy terrorist and is wanted by the ruling military.

June is the second character,  a beauty from the privileged side  with super intelligence and skills. When  Day kills her brother while raiding  a hospital for life saving drugs for his brother, June is set by the authorities to track him down.

When they meet the result is dynamite.

An excellent action novel with appeal to Secondary school students but Intermediate students could easily cope.

Readers of The Hunger Games series will find parallels in this novel. Marie Lu could easily build a series around the senario she writes about and I would be pleased if she did. Good stuff, easy to read.

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