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Cinnamon Rain by Emma Cameron

February 22, 2012

Cinnamon Rain by Emma Cameron. Pub. Walker Books, 2012. 

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel for High School students particularly those at senior level between school and the world outside.

It is a novel written in blank verse and is very easy to read. The story flows well with short two page poems describing the action, and you want to keep reading.

Luke, Casey and Bongo are friends at school and each has a section as narrator telling their side of the story.

Luke is a shy boy, good sportsman, good academically, not sure of where he is going but wants to have casey in his life.

Casey holds everybody at arms left. Her domineering father makes her unsure of the choices she has in life and all she longs for is to get away. She likes casey but opens up more to Bongo.

Bongo has a dysfunctional family life. His mother is a juny, his father abusive and his only brother Dylan who he adores is taken away by social services. He gets away and lives rough but is always looking for his big chance.

Most importantly about this story is all three kids feel connected to each other. Will this connection survive? Read and find out.

A very satisfying ending to this novel.

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