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Dirt Bomb by Fleur Beale

March 6, 2012

Dirt Bomb by Fleur Beale. Pub. Random House, 2011.

A NZ Post Finalist for 2012 this novel has high appeal for boy readers who like cars and racing.

Jake is a bit of a loser. He has no job, he has no girlfriend, he has no cellphone, he has no car and he has no money. It takes him a while to figure out why and it’s his attitude that needs changing. Just because his father is a wastral doesn’t mean he has to be.

Jake does have good mates though, Robbie and Buzz, and they have been carrying him for some time, but no more. When they find an old Holden Commodore lying in a ditch they vow to do it up and race it in a paddock. That takes money and Jake must contribute or he is out of the deal.

Jake scores some money and they get the car going. In the process the boys learn to work hard, to drive and to have fun. Girls and drink get in the way but Jake must change to survive and change he does.

Good short novel, well written plenty of petrol head talk and racing and some great advice for young car enthusiasts.

High school students will read it most although Intermediate readers could easily cope.

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