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Steel Pelicans by Des Hunt

March 8, 2012

Steel Pelicans by Des Hunt. Pub. HarperCollins, 2012.

Dean Steel is mad about explosives and fireworks and this can only lead to trouble. His best friend Pete Kelly, who narrates this novel, is wary of Dean but is loyal to his friend and this can sometimes be a dangerous thing.

After a series of unlawful escapades in Wollongong, Pete’s parents go to New Zealand to take over a farm in Manukau hoping the friendship will end. It doesn’t. After Dean’s parents separate he comes for a holiday to Manukau and the explosives are on again.

Meanwhile Pete has gone to High school and has become firm friends with Samoan boy Afi, a sensible and true friend to Pete. They have problems at school with a brute of a boy Brett Hotchkins who is running an illegal scam in league with local criminals the Redferns.

Smuggling and illegal drug laboratories enter the fray and Dean on his visit gets back into the bomb making business.

Lots of action and good for Intermediate and junior high school students.

Don’t judge this book by it’s cover. The steel pelicans you see have nothing to do with the action. The name does but no creatures like them appear in the book. It is still a good read though from prolific writer Des Hunt.

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