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Other Brother by Simon French

April 1, 2012

Other Brother by Simon French. Pub. Walker Books, 2012.

Kieran meets his cousin on the day of his father’s birthday and it comes as a complete shock to him. He has never been forced to share before, and is not used to his parents, grandmother¬† and younger sister giving another person their attention.

His cousin’s name is Bon, he is not sporty like Kieran and he looks and acts differently. Kieran decides he doesn’t want him around.

Two years later Bon comes back for good and goes to Kieran’s school and meets all his friends. Worst of all a girl named Julia starts school on the same day as Bon and Bon gets on very well with her. The trouble is kieran really likes Julia and resentment builds.

When Kieran’s jock friends start bullying Bon, Kieran has some tough decisions to make.

There are a few surprises too.

Perceptively written by a new author to me. Good boy appeal this for intermediate students.

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