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Aotearoa Series Book 4 – Justice and Utu by David Hair

April 3, 2012

Aotearoa series Bk. 4  Justice and Utu by David Hair. Pub. HarperCollins, 2012.

Utu can be described as a combination of karma and an eye for an eye. It is both good and bad and boy are both side brought out in this exciting action packed novel. It is the fourth in the series that began with the Bone Tiki.

Matiu has developed powers since his Bone Tiki days and there are gateways between the spirit world of Aotearoa and the real world New Zealand.

When a witch named Donna Kyle is captured and put on trial in pre 1840’s New Zealand, Matiu’s father Tama is instructed to present her defence by Governor George Grey. Donna Kyle has been a fierce enemy of Matiu in the past but wants to redeem herself using Matiu and a clairvoyant pakeha girl called Evie whom she blinds in the opening chapter of the novel.

This fantasy novel takes the reader to the lawless world of  the Bay of Islands and encounters real historical figures such as bully Hayes, Bishop Pompalier and Judge JS Williams who later sent the only woman sentenced to death in  New Zealand, Minnie Deans, to the gallows.

Great action and fantasy in the Maori spirit world, a world uniquely of Aotearoa.

Will appeal to good intermediate readers but mostly to high school students.

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