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Forget me not by Sue Lawson

April 4, 2012

Forget me not The story of one family’s voyage on the Titanic. by Sue Lawson. Pub. black dog books, 2012.

“We weren’t supposed to arrive in New York like this were we?” So sayeth one of the survivors of the Titanic in this recent novel for Intermediate and high school students about the sinking 100 years ago.

Told from the point of view of teenage brother and sister Thomas and Evie it is a story of a ship riven by social class and conformity.

Thomas and Evie are able to explore all areas of the Titanic and life on board. Relationships develop that personalise the tragedy and fortunately none as absurd as those in James Camerons film.

The hitting of the iceberg and sinking of the ship are well told as is the time in the lifeboats and the rescue onto the ship Carpathia.

Narrated by Thomas and Evie in consecutive chapters and divided by days on board, this is an easy read about the best known disaster in world history.

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