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Department 19: The Rising by Will Hill

April 6, 2012

Department 19 Pt 2. The Rising by Will Hill. Pub. HarperCollins, 2012.

If you read the first book then you will devour this. Even if you didn’t you can read this as the gaps are filled in for you.

Vampire books are an acquired taste and this series is the best since the Darren Shan series.

Jamie, Kate and reluctant vampire Larissa work for secret Government organisation Department 19 which has impressive resources dedicated to keeping people safe from vampires. They have a hellava job as vampires are everywhere.

Department 19 was formed by the men who dealt to Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novel and their descendants now run the department.

After battling and killing powerful vampire Rusmanov in the last book it is discoverd that Dracula’s remains have been stolen and mixed with blood and he is on the rise. But where?

Jamie, Kate and Larissa have 91 days to find and destroy Dracula before he reaches the zenith of his powers. Can they do it?

700 pages of blood curdling action that takes you from Russia to USA. There is a love triangle in there as well.

For high school and young adults. Don’t read it at night.

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