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Starters by Lissa Price

April 13, 2012

Starters by Lissa Price. Pub. Random House, 2012.

Excellent science fiction for high school students set in the dystopian world of Los Angeles after the Spore wars have decimated the population except for the very rich and the very poor.

The very rich are also very old, most older than 120 years and they are known as Enders.

An organisation called Prime Destinations promises the Enders young bodies to fulfill their fantasies and be young again. We all know that youth is wasted on the young and here is an opportunity to help the old live again.

This is done by paying the young very handsomely to loan their bodies to the Enders while their minds are shut down. The Enders can use the young body as though it was their own.

Sixteen year old Callie is a Starter and this is too much to turn down as she is sick of scrounging on the streets and her 7 year old brother is sickly. She signs on for three donors and the first two are of short duration and she comes out fine.

On her third donor Callie wakes up in the middle of it all with a gun in her hand. Is she to commit murder?Are there political implications in all of this? Is it safe?

Read this amazing novel to find out. It is thrilling ,brilliantly conceived and a cut above recent science fiction for young adults.

The ending is superb and the sequel called Enders is due in December 2012. I will be reading it.

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