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Dragonkeeper Book 4: Blood Brothers by Carole Wilkinson

April 27, 2012

Dragonkeeper Book 4: Blood Brothers by Carole Wilkinson. Pub.  black dog books, 2012.

When fantasy and history blend as in this novel anything can happen and anything does.

Tao is a novice Buddhist monk living a spartan existence in a monastary. He has come from a rich family and senses that he has a mission in life. His master sends him on a quest for alms to the city of Luoyang which has been destroyed by marauding armies that have replaced the Han Dynasty.

Before leaving he is found by a shape shifting dragon named Kai, who is on his own quest to find the last dragonslayer and kill him. The dragon is drawn to Tao because of a purple shard that he carries and the meaning of this will become apparent as the novel evolves.

You will have to read the rest yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Easy to read with Buddhist phyilosophy and teachings throughout.There is no need to have read the first three books in this series but you may wish to do so.

Intermediate and high school readers will like this.

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