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Red Rocks by Rachael King

June 4, 2012

Red Rocks by Rachael King. Pub.Random House, 2012.

The legend of the selkie or seal woman is an old one in Irish, Scottish and Norse legend. Why not New Zealand? We have seals so why not selkie?

Well Rachael King says we do and this is a selkie story that pays homage to the old legend, for primary and intermediate school readers.

Jake’s father writes natural history books and he lives on the Wellington Coast in lonely conditions. When Jake visits him from Auckland he discovers a fur skin in a cave which he takes home and hides.

The old selkie legend in which a selkie comes ashore, loses her skin and is forced to live in the human world until she finds it has started again.

Jake doesn’t realise what he has done and when he meets a young girl Jessie who is wild haired and wild eyed and an old man Ted who tells him of the legend. Meanwhile Jake’s father has met a wild woman called Cara who is wandering the coast seeking her lost skin. Yes she is a selkie.

Will the legend be repeated? An exciting tale emerges that will keep young readers on their toes.

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