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The Rephaim Book 1: Shadows by Paula Weston

June 22, 2012

Rephaim Book 1: Shadows by Paula Weston. Pub. Text Publishing, 2012.

This is a fantasy novel for high school students and young adults about fallen angels. Aren’t we all? It could be better but it is book one and is introducing a complex scenario.

140 years ago a fallen angel called Semyaza led 200  angels out of hell and they spent 48 hours on earth seducing as many women as they could then disappeared. Everyone in heaven and hell is looking for them and these are called the Rephaim.

It is rumoured that over 1000 children were born as a result of the escapade and not all of them are known. This book is about those children who are now 139 years old and still young teenagers, most with a very lustful nature, as that is the way of the Rephaim.

Gabby is one of the children and she has a twin brother Jude who she remembers as being beheaded in a car crash which she survived. She tells of her dreams in an article on an online magazine called Dark Thoughts. She is then contacted by members of the Rephaim of whom she has no knowledge and discovers her dreams really happened.

A handsome and lustful boy named Raphael tells her he has known her and her brother for 139 years and that before her brother’s death they had possibly stumbled upon Semyaza and the fallen angels. Could this be true. Gabby remembers nothing but no-one believes her.

Everybody wants to know and this precipitates some amazing action that takes you from Australia to Italy. But is it all true? Read it yourself and find out.

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