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Silver: Return to Treasure Island by Andrew Motion

June 26, 2012

Silver: Return to Treasure Island by Andrew Motion. Pub. Jonathon Cape, 2012.

They say never mess with the Classics but I am glad that former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion has done so.

In the lofty style that characterises so many of the Classics, Motion has returned us to Treasure Island 50 years after the original adventure and written through the eyes of Jim Hawkin’s son, also named Jim Hawkins.

After being tracked down by Natty, daughter of Long John Silver, young Jim Hawkins, borrows the old map from the chest once owned by Billy Bones, now owned by his father.

At the behest of very old and blind, Long John Silver, who finances the operation, Jim lad and Natty disguised as a boy, set sail on the Nightingale for Treasure Island to retrieve the silver left behind.

They arrive at Treasure Island to find that a slave ship has been wrecked and that the pirates left behind in the original story have formed a tyrannical community based at the old Stockade.

Pieces of eight, shiver me timbers, fifteen men on a dead mans chest yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Ah Jim Lad. Good stuff.

Beautifully written and told as you would expect of such a quality writer as Andrew Motion who has also structured the novel in the same way as the original.

This novel has wide appeal from Intermediate through to young adult. If you love the classics then you will adore the style of this novel all the way to the stunning ending.

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