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The Complete Guide to Space: The Universe Rocks by Raman Prinja

July 28, 2012

The Universe Rocks by Raman Prinja. Pub. QED Publishing, 2012. 

I do not review non-fiction or rather Information books on my blog very often but this is a good one and worth the effort. The biggest challeng meeting such books is the enormous amount of information on the World Wide Web. Librarians are asking is it worth investing in such books or relying totally on electronic sourses of information.

I say there is a place for quality information books. Where else can you package a history and nature of the Universe with fantastic photographs, tasks to do and Earth’s place in it all, that you can look at, digest and come back later at your leisure and look at again, than in a book like this.

Did you know that the Huygens Lander parachuted onto Saturn’s moon Titan and found lakes full of oil. Or that the temperature and force of gas inside Neptune is so high that methane can turn into diamonds and fall to the surface. Let me atom!!

I think the Universe more than rocks, it rolls too.

Wide appeal from primary through to secondary students. A great starting place for a study of space and the universes.

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