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99 Flavours of Suck by Tania Hutley

August 6, 2012

99 Flavours of Suck by Tania Hutley. Pub. Scholastic, 2012.

This is one crazy story. Kane is 15 years old, he has a best mate called Jase, a girl friend Pippa who makes him sweat with desire, a mother who is a TV celebrity as a dog whisperer and he is allergic to dogs.

Kane likes to make girls laugh but he can’t get a girlfriend to lock lips with. He fancies Pippa but she seems more keen on his mate Jase.

While on a shoot with his mother he is licked on the hand by a hairy man and bitten on the bum by a dog while relieving himself in a creek. After an embarrassing appearance on his mother’s tv show he declines into absurd behaviour.

Kane feels he is turning into a werewolf. Then  the gorgeous Angela turns up.

A good laugh for teens who have a sense of the ridiculous.

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