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Marked by Denis Martin

August 8, 2012

Marked by Denis Martin. Pub. Walker Books, 2012.  

This is a thriller for teenagers by a NZ writer who specialises in this type of novel.

Set in the Coromandel Cully takes the ferry to school everyday and becomes mesmerised by a beautiful girl called Kat. She is aloof, does not socialise and isn’t the slightest bit interested in him.

Cully realises that Kat is being watched and followed by a heavy  with a gun. He puts it to Kat but she is cagey. Then some heavier dudes show up in a black Pajero and pretty soon there are bodies.

What is going on. Will Cully crack onto Kat? Why is Kat being followed? It all revolves around a big court case in Sydney.

Plenty of mystery and action in this novel and some relationship stuff with a touch of bullying.

Denis Martin keeps the reader in this novel with hooks at the end of each chapter and an easy style. It is compulsive reading. Probably suit High School students but intermediate age could hgandle it.

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