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Girl Heart Boy: No Such thing as forever by Ali Cronin

September 12, 2012

No Such Thing as Forever by Ali Cronin. Pub. RazorBill, 2012.

This fine novel for teenagers puts forward the proposition that girls want romance and relationships while boys want sex. Girls fall in love, boys fall in lust.

It is part of a series that looks at the relationships between four girls and three boys who are about to turn 18years and are in their final year of high school.

This book is about Sarah who is considered a boy hater but she is not. She does not flirt or put out, is not hung up about her virginity but is looking for experience. It is just that no boy has aroused her until on a beach in Spain she meets Joe. He is a university student, 20 years old and hot.

Sarah falls and by the end of the holiday she has done the wild thing and is in lurve.

Joe strings her along, tells her the right things and sets her body on fire. Sarah is smitten but doesn’t see that he is just using her. The trouble is her friends do and that causes conflict.

Excellent writing, believable plot and super characterisation. Once you start you will not put this down. It is compelling and titilating at the same time.

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