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Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver

September 21, 2012

Gods and Warriors by Michelle Paver. Pub. Puffin, 2012. 

Hylas and his sister Issi are Outsiders, they do not belong to any tribe or community for reasons unknown to them. A warrior tribe called The Crows hunt them down and try to kill them but both escape in different directions although the hunt for them is still on.

Hylas is about 12 years of age and is a master at survival. He discovers a dieing soldier from a land called Keftiu who tells him his future lies with the sea that Hylas has never seen. This prophecy proves true and he is marooned on an island known as an island of the gods.

Meanwhile a 12 year old Keftian princess who is to be married to a Warrior from another tribe decides she wants none of this and escapes while on route to be betrothed. She and Hylas meet on the same island and both realise they are part of a bigger scheme than either of them know.

Set in the Bronze Age in the mediterranean sea area this novel contains the same detail and mystery that Michelle Paver put into her Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series with close relationships between people gods and creatures particularly dolphins, and should be just as popular.

Well written and aimed at Intermediate and High school students. Five books are planned for the series the exciting ending will ensure that you want to read the next one.

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