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Two picture books by Tanya Batt

September 21, 2012

Catching Fish by Tanya Batt, Illus by Natalia Vasquez. Pub. Clean Slate Press, 2012.

Jake has a blue shirt with 5 red fish cirling the bottom. He wears his shirt everywhere but when it is washed in the washing machine the 5 fish disappear. Where have they gone? Jake sets about finding them with some surprising methods.

Excellent little story that will capture the imagination of juniors and will be a firm favourite at read-a-loud time in the classroom.

Natalia Vasquez collage type illustrations are a perfect match for the story line.

I think this is destined for bigger things.

A valuable addition to any home or school picture book collection.


My Dad’s a Dragon Catcher by Tanya Batt. Illus. by Helen Bacon. Pub. Clean Slate Press, 2012.

Dragons are one of my favourite creatures and to know that someone catches them and puts them in books for children to read is ok by me.

When all the other children tell what great jobs their father’s have Toby is a bit jealous. His father is home unemployed but with an imagination.

Toby tells the other children in his class that his father is a dragon catcher but sooner or later his dad is going to have to come to school and talk about his job.

Fortunately father and son are on song and Toby’s dad plays a blinder in front of his school mates for a very satisfactory outcome.

Helen Bacon’s illustrations are colourful and expressive. She captures Toby’s fantasy well and pictures his  family life for a very bright and attractive picture book.

I was particularly taken with the Australian stumpy-tailed, horny, two headed snot-alot-asaurus that burps green slime and blows fire from both ends.

Great imagination for pre schoolers and juniors.


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