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Ruby Redfort: Take your last breath by Lauren Child

November 15, 2012

Ruby Redfort: Take your last breath by Lauren Child. Pub. HarperCollins, 2012.

The second book about Ruby and another easy read mystery for primary and Intermediate students.

Ruby is very smart, probably a genius. She is 13 years old and has a best friend Clancey who is loyal and true and would need to be tortured to give up a secret. They live in quintessential American seaside town Twinford a place with secrets under the sea.

Strange things are happening. Seagulls are flocking inland. Ships are going to wrong ports, fish are disappearing, a strange noise is being reported and a body of a Spectrum agent is washed up on the beach.

All these factors can only be processed by the computer like mind and logic of Ruby Redfort. See if you can follow her logic.

Ruby starts this novel at a special camp in Hawaii learning how to deepsea dive. This is going to come in handy by Ruby cannot hold her breath for more than one minuite and gets claustrophobic in caves.

What’s more there is a family secret to be learned and is the evil Count von Viscount the arch villain behind it all.

Only by reading can you find out. Excellent mystery writing and thrilling too.

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