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The Farm by Emily McKay

November 22, 2012

The Farm by Emily McKay. Pub. Penguin Group, 2012. 

This is a thriller horror story of a Dystopian World that has been invaded by blood sucking Ticks who love humans. Where they come from, what they look like is one of the secrets of the novel. It is revealed to the reader in stages to keep you in the book and believe me you will want to stay there.

Lily and Mel are twin sisters. Lily  looks after her sister who is autistic and assesses people from the music that she hears  emitting from them. The sisters live on a Farm which is like a University Campus surrounded by a seriously guarded fence. Is it to keep the Ticks out or the teenage population that inhabit it, inside?

Life inside the Farm is disturbing. Some girls are designated as Breeders to have children for the next generation, they are up for grabs to the Collabs. who control the Farm. Punishment is to be left outside the fence for the Ticks.

Lily and Mel plan to escape. Then Carter a boy from the Before World, whom Lily had a deep crush on, arrives and the action begins. Carter knows things the girls don’t and what he knows is frightening.

The novel is narrated by Lily, Mel and Carter and the action is over a week. The ending is as gory as it gets and the action is always tense.

High teenage appeal for vampire lovers. Not unlike The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda reviewed elsewhere in this blog.

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