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Ben and the Stag by Paul Canham

November 27, 2012

Ben and the Stag by Paul Canham. Self Published 2011. 

Books for reluctant boy readers that are easy and exciting to read are hard to come by. This is one.

It is about 14 year old Ben who lives on a remote sheep farm owned by his father. Times are tough, sheep and wool prices are down but Ben is content. He knows he is going to boarding school as soon as Correspondence school is over.

He shoots possums with his father but when he gets a chance to shoot a magnificent stag he can’t do it. He feels bonded to the stag when it stares him out as he has the cross hairs of his rifle firmly on the stags head.

Things rapidly change when Government men offer large money to mount a secret operation on the property. From this comes violent action that will change Ben and his family forever.

A short novel with large font and easy to read chapters. Could be more tightly written but the action makes this a trivial concern.

Aimed at readers of primary and intermediate age but reluctant high school students will also find it worthwhile.

This book can be purchased through web site  http://www.beattieandforbes.co.nz.

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