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Small Shen by Kylie Chan illustrated by Queenie Chan

December 4, 2012

Small Shen by Kylie Chan. Illus. by Queenie Chan. Pub. Harper Voyager 2012.

small shenA most unusual novel written in text and in Manga cartoon illustrations.

The plot is based around two characters called Gold and Jade and very complex characters they are. Gold is the child of The Jade Building Block of the world and his natural state is a stone or a pebble. He has great powers that can battle off demons but he is  a sexual predator. He can take the shape of a handsome male with flirtatious traits but can also be a female. His natural sexual preference is gay.

Jade on the other hand is the 82nd daughter of the Dragon King. She is mostly female and modest but is open to seduction from a handsome male. She too is very powerful.

The two become hired by the very powerful Xuan Wu also known as the Dark Lord who is reptilian in his natural shape.

Xuan Wu in his human form has fallen in love with Michelle a beautiful opera singer who is human. She is pregnant to Xuan and is the target of demons who wish to destroy Xuan’s power.

To find out any more you are going to have to read the novel. It is exciting and bewildering. If you know the Chinese legends of Monkey Magic then you will love this novel. It is an acquired taste.

While the text is sharp and fast, Queenie Chan’s Manga cartoons enhance the plot particularly telling the background of Gold and Jade in different time zones. The story is told in Hong Kong in 1995-2002 but flicks back to 1702 and 1804 as we learn of the history of Gold Jade and the Dark Lord.

Has to be Secondary school in appeal because of the sexuality but I am sure Intermediate students are going to want a piece of it if they can.

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