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Shackleton Bear goes South by John McCrystal

December 6, 2012

shackleton bearShackleton Bear Goes South by John McCrystal. Pub. Public Interest Publishing Company, 2012.

Beautifully presented in picture book format this is the story of Shackleton Bear’s return journey to the Antarctica by ship via the Sub Antarctic Islands south and east of New Zealand.

Leaving from Bluff, Shackleton Bear travels to Snares Island, Auckland Island and McQuarie Island seeing the wild life and the vegetation on the Islands. I particularly liked his contact with Celia the sea-lion.

Then it is south to Cape Royds where Shackleton’s Hut is situated. A tour of the hut then a quick 50 meter sprint towards the Pole and it’s back to New Zealand via Campbell, Antipodes and Bounty Islands.

The photographs by John McCrystal are outstanding and capture the  wild remoteness of the Islands and Antarctica. The detail of Shackleton’s Hut is impressive. His text is in different fonts and colours to help the younger reader and the information is easy to understand.

Shackleton Bear is a cuddly brown bear who is very photogenic and gets by with a forlorn look on his face.

An excellent book for all to use and a great asset to any school library. Young children will love it.

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