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Blastosaurus: Welcome to Freak Out City by Richard Fairgray & Terry Jones

December 7, 2012

blastosaurusBlastosaurus: Welcome to Freak Out City by Richard Fairgrey & Terry Jones. Pub. Square Planet Ltd, 2012.

Not my cup of tea this kind of comic style book but I do appreciate that it has value to visual readers particularly boys.

Scientists go back in the past and inject some raptors with a mutant agent that makes then intelligent and mean killers. A baby triceratops is also accidentally injected as the raptors kill his parents.

The raptors plus triceratops are transported into the present where they create havoc. The triceratops is out for revenge the raptors are just a bunch of bad asses. In the present they come in contact with some kids who are fantasy freaks and this is where it became blurred for me.

We are then thrust into a future the world  ruled by robots and all characters are tumbled into this future world, I think.

The saving grace of this book is the sense of humour which is relayed via the dialogue between the characters. The cartoon illustrations which have a lot of Terry Jones in them, are excellent. Heavily influenced by DC Comic characters and super hero type stories.  The triceratops and the raptors are very visually appealing.

Some kids will get off on this book no doubt. Intermediate and secondary school students especially will like this short book. I believe sequels are planned.

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