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Mountain Wolf by Rosanne Hawke

December 10, 2012

mountain wolfMountain Wolf by Rosanne Hawke. Pub. Angus & Robertson, 2012.

This is a powerful yet accessible story of children who are sold into slavery and bondage on the Indian sub continent. We all know it happens but when you read a personalised story like this you scream to yourself this has got to stop.

Razaq is a 14 year old mountain boy from the Swat valley, the home of the young Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taleban for wanting girls to be educated. The area is hit by a massive earthquake while Razaq is out tending the herds. All his family are killed and in a state of shock and bewilderment he is open to any suggestion that could make his life easier.

Razaq is offered a job in the city and is led into a sleazy, disgraceful world of child prostitution and slavery. He is a victim and nobody cares. Responsibility for getting out of this world rests with the children themselves the cost of failure is beatings and degradation. Life is cheap.

Fortunately Razaq has a way out and the ending is positive.

Written in an easy style with short chapters and a quickly changing plot. Once you start you are drawn in. Children will ask questions about what goes on but there is nothing graphic in the book to disturb them.

Intermediate and high school in appeal. Similar to Patricia Mc Cormick’s novel of a Nepalese girl sold into bondage titled Sold.

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