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Tom and Tilly by Jedda Robaard

December 28, 2012

tom & tillyTom and Tilly written and illustrated by Jedda Robaard. Pub. black dog books, 2012.

A book about “lets pretend” for juniors and pre schoolers. It’s so simple you wish you could have written it yourself.

With his teddy bear Tilly, and a paper boat made from a map, Tom goes on an adventure. He sails past a city and some fearsome frogs. Then a storm, a whirlpool and a whale heighten the adventure.

All is safe as the bathwater is let away. Then it is a quick read and fast asleep.

Told in 63 words. Illustrations are water colours and perect for the topic. Not a page wasted and in the back instructions on how to make a paper boat.

Your children will want to have you read it to them time and again.

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